The Ladies Camo Leggings from URBAN CLASSICS convinces with a camouflage pattern, which upgrades every outfit. The elastic waistband and the soft fabric ensure a high wearing comfort.

  • 91% Polyester, 9% Elastane
14,90 €
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Camo legginsit
  • Camo legginsit
  • Camo legginsit netistä
  • Camo legginsit verkkokauppa
  • Naisten camo legginsit
  • Camo legginsit naisille
  • Army legginsit
  • Army legginsit
  • Kuviolliset legginsit
  • Maastokuvio legginsit

NB! Measurements have been taken without streching the fabric. Waistband streches quite a lot (About 20cm).

Size XS S M L XL
Outside leg lenght 88cm 90cm 92cm 94cm 92cm
Vyötärönympärys 59cm 64cm 69cm 74cm 79cm

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